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How to Use Print and Scan Doctor to Fix Printer Offline Issue

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If your printer is experiencing offline problems, utilize print and scan doctor to troubleshoot by following these steps.

  • Download the Print and Scan Doctor application first.
  • The next step is to instruct your computer to "Launch PSdr.exe" by clicking the command under "Download."
  • After it has opened, select your printer from the selections in the list.
  • The message "Switch on the printer updates" may appear on the screen. Click "Yes" in this instance.
  • "Set printer to default printer" could be the next prompt. To continue, select yes.

You can use Print and Scan Doctor to troubleshoot the Printer Offline Problem by implementing all of the aforementioned methods. But you should always verify that your printer is operating properly. If not, assistance from Dell customer Support service may be needed.