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Epson Printer Won’t Print

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If your Epson printer is not printing, here are some troubleshooting steps you can take:

  1. Check the printer connection: Ensure that the printer is properly connected to your computer, either via USB cable or Wi-Fi. If it is connected via USB, make sure the cable is properly plugged in at both ends. If it is connected via Wi-Fi, ensure that the printer is connected to the same network as your computer.
  2. Restart the printer: Sometimes simply restarting the printer can help resolve issues. Turn off the printer, unplug it from the power source, wait a few minutes, then plug it back in and turn it on.
  3. Check for error messages: Look for any error messages on the printer display or your computer. If you see an error message, refer to the user manual or Epson's website for troubleshooting steps.
  4. Update printer drivers: Make sure you have the latest printer drivers installed for your Epson printer. Outdated or corrupt drivers can prevent the printer from printing.
  5. Check ink levels: If your printer has run out of ink, it will not be able to print. Check the ink levels on your printer and replace any empty cartridges.
  6. Clear print queue: If there are multiple print jobs in the print queue, clear the queue and try printing again.
  7. Reset the printer: If none of the above steps have worked, try resetting the printer to its default settings. Refer to the user manual or Epson's website for instructions on how to do this.

If none of these steps have resolved the issue, contact Epson customer support for further assistance.