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Kodak printer not printing in black

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Cause: - There are several causes of your Kodak printer's black-only printing issues. These are a few of the causes:

  • The ink cartridges are malfunctioning.
  • An incorrect printer head.
  • A missing printer head
  • Lack of printing files.
  • A corrupt or malfunctioning printer driver.
  • Absence of the printer driver


Solution: - If you're an avid user of Kodak printers, you can follow the step-by-step instructions provided below:


Examine the calibration: Since black ink problems are the most frequent, you must first verify the calibration. Inserting a new ink cartridge will also reveal whether your printer has been calibrated or if a new calibration is required.

The printer's self-diagnostic feature must be used in order to accomplish this. A feature called alignment must also be checked.


Remove the Cartridges' Dust:

Additionally, there is a good likelihood that the ink cartridges are unclean or have ink spilled on them, preventing black printing from occurring.

  • The cartridges must be entirely removed from your printer.
  • You need to clear the scanner and laser points before moving on.
  • Use a dry cotton swab that has been dipped in distilled water.
  • After waiting for it to dry, you put everything back where it belongs.
  • Try printing a test document first. This step will also verify whether or not the printer is operating correctly.


Examine the cartridge tape:

You may have noticed when you first opened a new ink cartridge that it was fitted with a plastic strip for protection to keep ink from flowing out of the way.

Another possibility for why your printer isn't printing in black is that you neglected to take them out.

Just make sure the tapes are properly removed. You must get rid of it if you discover it.


Driver update for printers:

It's also possible that a broken or missing driver is to blame for your Kodak printer's malfunction. You must check for any new versions or updates that may be available. You only need to install it on your computer to accomplish this.

The steps to update the driver are as follows:

  • To access the control panel, go there.
  • Choose the printing category.
  • The printer driver must then be updated under system and security.
  • You can just restart your computer and printer after it is finished, then try printing a test document.


Kodak printers are well-known for their trustworthy and efficient printing options. They offer the best imaging, faxing, and scanning services in addition to high-quality printouts. However, consumers occasionally report problems with Kodak printers not printing anything from their gadgets and stopping working, which is one of the most frequent problems.

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