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Lexmark Printer Error: "Load MP Feeder"

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Feeder Finesse: Overcoming the 'Load MP Feeder' Quandary in Lexmark Printers

In this insightful blog, we will address the causes for "Load MP Feeder" issue in Lexmark printers and share solutions to get your printer out of this error.



  • Incorrect Paper Tray Selection: The printer is set to pull paper from the MP (Multipurpose) feeder, but it's empty.
  • Paper Size Mismatch: The loaded paper in the MP feeder does not match the specified size in the print job.
  • Sensor Issues: Malfunctioning sensors in the MP feeder leading to erroneous load requests.




  • Select Correct Paper Tray: Ensure the printer is configured to pull paper from the correct tray.
  • Check Paper Size Settings: Confirm that the paper loaded in the MP feeder matches the specified size in the print job settings.
  • Inspect and Clean Sensors: Examine and clean the sensors in the MP feeder to address any detection issues.


Locating these causes and effectively applying corresponding solutions will definitely resolve the "Load MP Feeder" in Lexmark printers, ensuring smooth and error-free printing. Additionally, you can head to Printer tech support forum for any sort of technical query pertained to printer malfunction. Alternatively, is also a place where technical experts are available to assist you and make the most out of your printer.