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How to Troubleshoot Samsung Printer Error a1-4112

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Cause: The failure of the actuator motor is the cause of Samsung printer error A1-4112. This error is in charge of driving both the drum and the development unit, as well as the transfer belt.

Solution: If you own a Samsung printer, you can follow the instructions provided below:

  1. Take control of the right side panel -
  • Turn off the power supply source and disconnect the power and data cables.
  • Most Samsung printers have 5 screws (variable depending on model), which must be removed first.
  • Open the lower front cover on the back side and then remove the screws from the front side of the Samsung printer.
  • Turn your Samsung printer around and remove two more screws from the back cover.
  • The right-side cover must be slid to the back end.
  • Make sure it slides easily so you can set it aside.
  1. Secure the Solenoid -
  • Remove the restraining screws first. And take them out.
  • If they are missing, you must search for them.
  • Additionally, as the stickiness fades, a few layers of masking tape (cut in a small square shape) will resolve the issue.
  • You'll notice that a small foam pad has been slipped. You must reposition it with a pointed device. You must also ensure that it remains only in its position under the tab.
  1. Muster and Test the Unit –

If you don't want to touch any open electronics, connect the power cords to the power source. Check to see if the error has been resolved. If not, then proceed as follows:

  • Check the motors and solenoids to ensure they are operational and spinning properly.
  • Turn on the power-up sequencer.
  • You must unplug the power cord and replace the panel.
  • Begin reversing the disassembly steps now.
  • Also, make certain that the screws are inserted into the correct holes. (Tiny screws are intended to be installed in the lower position of your printer.)
  • Connect your printer and start printing with your Samsung printer.

If you have not resolved your problem, please contact us and feel free to seek the assistance of our experts.

For more information on why your Samsung printer is not printing, please call us at +1 (855) 460-7382.