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Xerox Printer error code 061-342 : Causes and Solution

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Causes :

  • Problem with the print head: The print head, which is responsible for printing the images and text onto the paper, may be clogged or damaged, causing error code 061-342.
  • Issues with the ink or toner cartridges: The ink or toner cartridges may be low on ink or toner, expired, or damaged, causing error code 061-342.
  • Communication problems: There may be an issue with the communication between the printer and the computer, causing error code 061-342.


Solutions :

  • Clean or replace the print head to resolve problems with the print head.
  • Replace or refill the ink or toner cartridges to resolve ink or toner issues.
  • Check the cables and connections between the printer and computer and ensure they are secure and working properly.
  • Seek out professional support services, such as those offered by Xerox, to ensure that the issue is resolved quickly and effectively.


Conclusion :

If you encounter error code 061-342 on your Xerox printer, it is important to address the problem promptly. Xerox printer support services can provide assistance in diagnosing and resolving the issue, so you can get back to using your printer without any further problems.