How Do I Resolve Printer Supply Memory Error?

Resolve Printer Supply Memory Error

Are you encountering issues with your HP printer and encountering an on-screen message showing Printer Supply Memory Error 10.1000,’ 10.0002, 10.00.10, 10.00.00, 10.10.00, or a similar code?

If your answer is affirmative, chances are you’ve attempted the typical troubleshooting steps like turning your printer off and on, taking out and reinserting toner cartridges. Despite your efforts, the printer problem persists, and it seems like nothing is resolving the issue, leaving you frustrated and considering giving up. Don’t worry! In this comprehensive blog, we will introduce causes and some incredible troubleshooting steps to fix HP printer supply memory error.

Why does my printer display –  Supply Memory Error?

Printer supply memory error occurs when the metal contacts or chip on an HP toner cartridge fail to establish a proper connection with the corresponding contacts inside the printer.

When the printer cannot detect the toner cartridge, it prompts a ‘Supply Memory Error’ message on the display panel. This issue commonly arises after replacing an empty cartridge with a new toner. Additionally, it may result from using faulty compatible cartridges with outdated microchip data, often stemming from printer updates.

This problem is observed across various models of HP LaserJet Pro and multifunction printers, with notable instances in the HP M1212nf, HP P3015, and HP LaserJet Pro M277dw printer models, as well as affecting most HP laser printers.

Underlying Causes Behind HP Printer Supply Memory Error

There are four common and easily addressable factors that can lead to this printer issue, hindering its functionality. Fortunately, these issues are straightforward to fix.

  • Loose packaging, paper jams, or unremoved protective strips.
  • Squashed or damaged metal contacts that disrupt the toner’s connection to the printer.
  • Broken plastic components causing the toner to be misaligned.
  • Outdated printer software or firmware.

To restore your printer’s functionality, consider applying the following solutions:

Unbeatable Fixes for HP printer supply memory error

1. Loose Packaging or Unremoved Protective Strips

When preparing to install a new toner cartridge, you’ll encounter orange protective strips and plastic clips designed to safeguard the cartridge during transportation. It’s crucial to remove each of these clips and a protective strip across the drum before installing the new toner; failure to do so will hinder your printer from printing.

The clips are easily noticeable and stand out conspicuously. The protective strip, located on the side of the toner, features an orange ring that needs to be pulled to remove the strip. Alternatively, it might resemble a piece of cellophane, as depicted in the image below.

2. Squashed Metal Contacts

For a printer to detect a properly installed toner cartridge, two tiny metal contacts must establish a connection with their counterparts on the cartridge. These metal contacts, both in the printer and on the toner, create a circuit. If these contacts fail to touch, the printer assumes the toner isn’t installed.

Remove the toner cartridge and locate something resembling a microchip or two metal squares. Visualize where these components would connect inside the printer, ensuring the printer is switched off and unplugged. If the metal connectors appear pressed back, gently (to avoid damage) pull them forward. This adjustment should enable proper connection when reinstalling the toner.

Additionally, check for any leftover packing material or paper jams that might cause issues, ensuring the printer is clear before installing a replacement toner. When using a remanufactured cartridge, verify that the microchip is securely in place, clean, and free from any obstructions.

3. Broken Plastic Components

When a toner cartridge sustains damage along its sides, causing the plastic slots to break off, it may not sit correctly inside the printer. Much like the earlier cause of the supply memory issue, the contacts won’t establish a proper connection. The only solution to rectify this problem is to replace the damaged toner cartridge with a new one.

4. Outdated Firmware/Software

Your printer manufacturer regularly releases new software or firmware updates. If, for any reason, your software is outdated, it can lead to errors. To address this, perform a Google search for ‘[your printer model] firmware’ and download the latest version for your computer/printer. Updating the firmware often resolves various printer issues, and you can find the latest updates on the HP website.

Another potential cause of the supply memory error message is installing a compatible or remanufactured toner cartridge with outdated data on the cartridge microchip. In such cases, the printer firmware may trigger the supply memory error message, and the only solution is to have the company from which you purchased the cartridge replace it with a new one.

With these tips, we hope your printer is back in working order.


In conclusion, the frustration of Printer Supply Memory Error might be challenging for users seeking a flawless or hassle free printing experience. By addressing causes of this issue and implementing the provided steps, you can get rid of this issue. Even if by using these troubleshooting methods and preventive actions, you are facing any trouble associated your printer, then printer Customer Service is just a call away! Our technical nerds provide service at your door step so that you can make the most out of your HP printer and reliably print documents with high quality.

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