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Canon Printer Error Code U052

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Cause:- The improper print head is the primary cause of Canon Printer Error Code U052.

Solution:- What occurs when people encounter the error U052 on their Canon printers? This issue occurs in two situations. The first is when the print head is mounted but isn't functioning. The second scenario is when the printer head is completely uninstalled.

With just one call, you can always receive Canon Printer Support for Code U052 from us.
Additionally, if you are an enthusiastic user of Canon printers, you can follow the detailed instructions provided below:
  1. Fix the Error U052 with Print Head Installed -
  • To reach the print head and ink cartridge, you must lift the printer's lid.
  • The cartridge slot will automatically lift from the front of the printer as you open the lid.
  • Now, disconnect the cords that are attached to your printer.
  • Remove each ink cartridge from its corresponding slot.
  • You can see the black print head once all the cartridges have been taken out. Now, gently pull the inserted cartridges out to partially remove the print head.
  • The print head should now be cleaned with a delicate cotton cloth.
  • Reinstall your printer's print head and ink cartridges in the correct positions.
  • Now shut the top cover and turn on the printer.

Try to print a test document to see the error is resolved.

  1. Fix the Error U052 Without Any Print Head Installed -
  • The computer must be turned off as the initial step.
  • Now, remove the printer's cover.
  • The cartridges slot will normally be discovered in the middle of the front of your printer, even if there are no cartridges or print heads fitted.
  • The cartridges must be put into the sliding rail that is located next to the slot for the cartridges.
  • Place the cartridges in their proper slots now, being careful to do so. After that, make sure both the door and lever are installed correctly and that the lever is closed.
  • Turn on the printer after closing the cover on top of it.


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How can you remove Error code U052 from your Canon Printer?

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