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Quickly Fix Your Canon Printer Error E03

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While working with your Cannon printer you may encounter the error E03. But, don’t worry as we are here to save your day.

And in this post, we will discuss the various ways of fixing your Cannon Printer error E03 in just few minutes. But before that let’s understand why this error occur.

If you haven’t covered your printer properly while printing your documents then you will encounter cannon error code E03. Another reason, for the occurrence of this error is – maybe your paper got stuck in between.

So, let’s start:

  1. Steps to fix canon printer error (if the cover is open) –
  • If your paper is still inside the printer than slowly pull it out and close the cover.

             (Note - Make sure paper does not tear.)

  • Now, you can click on the OK button on the cannon printer. Thus, the issue of error E03 is resolved.

To cross verify its working, make sure your printer smoothly prints a blank sheet of paper.

Now, if you are still facing the same issue try another method as mentioned below:

  1. Fixing paper jam to resolve canon error e03 -

If you are facing the error E03, make sure you check for paper jam issue.

  • First step is to turn off your cannon printer; kindly switch off your printer.
  • Check whether your paper is jam in the output tray, if yes, then, slowly take it out.

(Note - If you are not able to pull out the paper than simply, turn on the printer.)

Conclusion –

I hope by the time you reach on this conclusion, your issue of Cannon Printer Error code E03 is resolved.

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