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Bi-directional support on my Kodak printer disabled

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cause: - Enabling bi-directional is not a mistake, but it can assist you in fixing small defects, PC connectivity problems, and checking the progress of a print job and the ink and toner levels in your cartridges.

Additionally, enabling bi-directional support can assist you in better Kodak printer troubleshooting as well as communication issue resolution.

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Solution :- You can review the step-by-step instructions below:

Step 1: Examine the firewall

The firewall that comes with certain Windows operating system versions can stop you from printing in both directions.

Additionally, you must check your firewall's settings if you wish to enable bi-directional functionality.

  • Select "start" in the menu.
  • Choosing the control panel
  • Double-click the Windows firewall option after doing so.
  • You can turn off your firewall from there.
  • You can thus quickly enable your bi-directional support at this point.


Step 2: Examine the Bi-directional Setting.

You must check the bi-directional printing settings after disabling the firewall settings. To accomplish the same, follow these steps:

  • Activate the start button.
  • Choose the choice for printers and faxes.
  • Right-click your Kodak printer at this point.
  • Now you can choose properties.
  • Toggle the box labelled "Enable bi-directional support," click the ports tab.
  • To save your settings, click the Apply option that appears.
  • Your Kodak printer now has bi-directional functionality, which you have finally activated.


Enabling Windows 10 bi-directional support

  • You must click the start button and type "control panel" into the search bar.

Go to devices after opening the control panel.

(Note: If the option is in a category, be sure to choose View as large icons.)

  • To select your printer name, use the right-click menu.
  • Decide on the printer settings.
  • Next, select the ports tab found in the printer properties.
  • The option to enable bi-directional support is available.
  • Save the changes by clicking the "OK" button.


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