How to Fix Issues with HP Printer Skipping Lines?

HP Printer Skipping Lines

Why does my HP printer skip lines and parts of lines when printing?  Experiencing missing lines or streaks while printing can be a source of frustration and disappointment. This frustrating issue can lead to incomplete documents and compromised print quality. This issue is often caused by a blocked, dirty, or damaged print head.

Moreover, you may also face the problem of your HP printer skipping lines of text in cases of blocked ink cartridge nozzles, improper removal of protective seals during cartridge installation, incorrect paper thickness, and much more.  

If your HP printer is missing lines when printing, be sure to read this blog for information about why it is skipping lines and how to fix this issue.

Common Causes of Line-Skipping in HP Printers

Let us first discuss the possible factors that can cause the printer to print one or two lines and then completely skip the next line or two. Addressing these causes will help in troubleshooting the problem and getting your printer back on track.

  • Dirty or Blocked Ink Cartridges or Printheads: The accumulation of dirt, dust, or dried ink on the printheads or cartridges can obstruct the smooth flow of ink, resulting in missing lines on the prints.
  • Low Ink Levels: Insufficient ink in the cartridges can lead to inconsistent printing and skipping lines as the printer struggles to deliver adequate ink.
  • Incorrect Paper Thickness: Using paper that does not meet the printer’s specifications can cause alignment issues, leading to skipping lines during printing.
  • Color Mixing Issues: If the color inks are not adequately mixed or aligned, it can cause improper ink distribution, resulting in missing lines in prints.
  • Clogged Nozzles: Ink nozzles can become clogged over time, impeding the smooth flow of ink and causing gaps in printed text or images.
  • Improper Installation of Ink Cartridges: Failing to remove protective seals or installing ink cartridges incorrectly can prevent proper ink flow, resulting in missing lines on prints.
  • Printer Firmware and Software Issues: Outdated or corrupted printer firmware and software can cause communication errors, leading to printing problems, including line-skipping.

Thus, these factors can lead to the missing lines issue with your HP printer. To resolve the problem and gain complete peace of mind for uninterrupted prints, follow the suggested troubleshooting steps.

How to Fix an HP Printer Printing or Missing Lines

Troubleshoot and fix HP printer missing lines when printing, by applying the following steps explained below:


The very first step in fixing the HP printer skipping lines problem is cleaning the printer cartridges. Here’s how:

  • Print a test page from the printer to identify the missing color.
  • Open the cartridge door and remove the problematic ink cartridge.
  • Check the cartridge nozzle, clean it with a damp, lint-free cloth or paper towel, and allow it to dry.
  • Reinstall the cartridge in its correct slot, close the door, and initiate a printing job.
  • If the missing lines are resolved, you can proceed with printing tasks.

If the issue persists, move on to the next step.


A dirty and clogged printhead might be the reason why your HP printer is missing lines when printing. So, this is the next step after cartridge cleaning as a solution for this problem.

Steps to clean the printer’s printhead are as follows:

  • In the printer’s LCD panel, go to the “Settings” option.
  • Then, press the “Clean Print Head” or “Clean Cartridge” option.

If your printer lacks screen, use this practice to clean your printer’s printhead.

  • Turn on your HP printer and go to “Control Panel.”
  • Navigate to “Devices and Printers.”
  • Then, tap on “Printer” and then on “Printing Properties.”
  • Look for the option to clean your print head and tap it.
  • Take the print to see if the missing lines problem solved.


Faded lines indicate low ink or toner levels in the cartridge. Check the ink levels. In the case of any low ink cartridge, replace it with a new compatible and genuine ink cartridge. Here’s how to do it:

  • Open the cartridge access door.
  • Wait for the printer to become silent and idle.
  • Gently press down on the cartridge to remove it from the slot.
  • Take out the cartridge.
  • Unpack the new ink cartridge without touching the nozzles or contacts.
  • Remove the protective plastic tape by pulling the tab.
  • Install the cartridge correctly into its slot, holding it by the sides.
  • Insert the ink cartridge until it snaps in place.
  • Finally, close the printer’s cartridge door.


Wrong or incorrect paper specifications in the settings option may also lead to this problem. So, if you find that paper thickness and other specifications don’t match with the settings panel, rectify them immediately.

How to Avoid Printer Missing Lines in the Future

There are some preventive tips that will help to prevent your printer from skipping lines in the future:


Schedule periodic maintenance routines, such as printhead cleaning and ink cartridge replacement, to keep your HP printer in optimal condition.


Always use authentic HP ink cartridges to ensure the best print quality and avoid potential issues related to third-party or counterfeit cartridges.


Dust and debris can accumulate inside the printer over time. Regularly clean the printer’s interior to prevent potential obstructions.


If you have spare ink cartridges, store them in a cool, dry place in their original packaging to maintain their quality.


Stay up-to-date with the latest printer software, drivers, and firmware to benefit from performance improvements and bug fixes.

With the solutions and tips provided above, you can tackle line-skipping problems and enhance your printing experience.

Get Instant Assistance to Fix HP Printer Skipping Lines – Call (855) 460-7382

Experiencing line-skipping in your printer can be highly frustrating. However, this blog provides valuable insights into the causes and effective solutions to address the issue. By grasping the root cause and implementing the suggested fixes, you’ll be able to resume successful printing in a short time.

In any moment you are struggling to fix this issue, don’t scratch your head and reach out to the Printer Support Forum team at its toll-free number, (855) 460-7382 and ask for prompt assistance to learn How to fix the HP printer skipping lines issue instantly.

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