Printer Error 49.38.07: Effective Fixes And Solution Guide

Printer Error 49.38.07: Effective Fixes And Solution Guide

A swift print is surely content in itself. During the work though, an encounter with HP Error 49.38.07 or 49.38.07 (4a04) is obvious. This code signifies a peculiar error situation that actually hampers your work for a quite a while. The HP error code 49.38.07 can occur due to incompatible firmware versions installed on your HP device. Other underlying causes for the 49.38.07 error code include an unfriendly environment for the printer, excessive incoming traffic to the device, and simultaneous printing jobs. To resolve the HP error 49.38.07, you can fix it by restarting the device and updating the firmware version.

As you delve into the different sections of this blog, you will end up having fascinating insights regarding causes and remedies for the 49.38.07 error on your HP printing device.

Significant reasons for the HP printer error 49.38.07

  • Your printer might lack support for specific programming languages or commands.
  • The printer’s firmware version might be insufficient for handling complex printing tasks.
  • An excessive number of printing jobs in progress simultaneously could lead to the issue.
  • Usage of third-party software not compatible with your printer may cause problems.
  • Heavy incoming traffic to your HP printer can also trigger the problem.
  • Network configuration issues might arise if your device is connected to a network.
  • In wired networks, problems with connecting devices could stem from faulty cables.
  • Damage to the USB port on your desktop or printer could be a contributing factor.
  • Faulty printer drivers might be the root cause of the problem.
  • Network configuration problems could also be at the core of the issue.
  • These potential causes are applicable to various printer models, including HP LaserJet 600, HP M4555, HP CM4540, HP CP 5525, HP LaserJet M602, and others.

How to Resolve the HP 49.38.07 Device Error:

To address the 49.38.07 error code on your HP device, several troubleshooting methods can be applied. These include updating the printer’s firmware, clearing all ongoing print jobs, and initiating a device restart.

Explore the comprehensive list of methods provided below to effectively resolve the HP error code 49.38.07. By following these steps, you can successfully troubleshoot and fix the issue on your HP device.

Solution Guide Of Printer Error 49.38.07

Solution 1: Update the HP Printer’s Firmware

Resolving the HP error 49.38.07 involves updating your device’s firmware, which is often caused by an outdated firmware version in urgent need of an upgrade. You can perform this update through Web Jetadmin, a tool designed specifically for tasks like firmware updates on HP printers.

Option 1:

Updating Firmware via WebJetAdmin

WebJetAdmin is a versatile tool designed for updating your HP printer’s firmware. To begin, ensure your system is equipped with this software. Once confirmed, enter your device’s model number in JetAdmin and download the latest firmware. It’s crucial to verify that you’re downloading the most recent firmware version before proceeding.

You can adhere to following guidelines to update the printer’s firmware using WebJetAdmin:

  • Ensure your HP device is connected to the internet.
  • Click on the “Start” menu.
  • In the Start menu, search for “Web JetAdmin HP”.
  • Enter your HP machine’s model in the “JetAdmin” section.
  • Download the latest firmware version.
  • Navigate to the “Device Management Section” in the left panel.
  • Select “Firmware” from the “Device Management” menu.
  • Click on the “Repository” button.
  • Hold down the “CTRL” button and click on the printer that needs updating from the connected devices list.
  • A “Next” button will appear. Click on it.
  • Tick the “Import Firmware Images” box.
  • Click “Done”, and your firmware download will commence.

Option 2:

Updating Firmware via USB/Flash Drive

If you desire to update the firmware of your HP printer via USB/Flash Drive, you can download it onto your printer device and then insert it into your HP device. Keep pressing & holding the Stop button on your printer till “Ready”, Data, and Attention LED lights are lit up.

Here, we’ve provided step-by-step instructions for updating the firmware with a USB drive.

  • Go to the official website of HP.
  • Download the latest version of the firmware that is available and store it on your “Flash Drive”.
  • Press on the “Stop” button and hold it.
  • You will see the “Ready”,” Data”, and “Attention” lights blinking.
  • Scroll down using the arrow keys to the “Administrator Menu”.
  • Press on the “Ok” key.
  • There will be a “Download item” option under “Administration Menu”. Please “Click” it.
  • Then click on the “Ok” button.
  • Insert the “USB”  or “Flash Drive” that has the firmware file with the “.bdl” extension.
  • The download process may take several minutes. Once finished, click “Next” to transfer the updated firmware to the “WJA” repository.

Important Note:

  • If there are multiple firmware files, ensure you select the correct one.
  • If you have multiple HP printers connected and need to update their firmware, navigate to “Device Management,” click on “All Devices,” choose the specific device, and access the “Firmware Tab.” Hold down the “CTRL” key, click on the HP printer to update, and press “Update.” After updating, reboot your HP device.

By following above mentioned steps, the HP error 49.38.07 can be resolved.

Solution 2: Clearing the Printer’s Print Queue

To fix the error 49.38.07 on HP M4555 Printer and similar models, it’s crucial to delete any pending jobs stuck in the processing phase. This action not only clears the printer’s memory but also resolves the issue.

If you’re unsure how to clear the print queue, follow these steps:

  • Navigate to the “Devices and Printers” section in the “Control Panel”.
  • Left-click on your printer’s icon, typically the HP printer icon.
  • Find the “See What’s Printing” option in the list of choices and right-click on it.
  • Click on the “Printer” box.
  • Select “Cancel All Documents”.

Tip: If your printer is connected to a network, ensure you clear the print queue for all active systems connected to the network that might send print jobs to the printer.

Once the queue is empty, reconnect your printer. If it successfully prints documents, your HP error 49.38.07 should be resolved

Solution 3: Restart Your Computer

To resolve the 49.38.07 error on HP printers, consider restarting your device while ensuring all cable connections are detached. Follow these 6 steps for a proper restart:

  • Firstly, clear the print queue to ensure no pending jobs are being processed.
  • Power off your HP printer.
  • Disconnect all network cables from the printer.
  • Wipe the cables and ports of your HP device with a dry cloth.
  • Reconnect the cables to your printer.
  • Power on your HP device once again.

This method may have resolved the error 49.38.07 hp printer. You can confirm the fix by printing a test page.


By using the aforementioned troubleshooting technique, users can fix their HP 49.38.07 error. But, many times issues don’t get resolved easily and become worst. Don’t worry! We are here to help you out anytime and anywhere. Our technical experts who have years of experience in solving such issue are available at your service. You can contact us via toll-free number, e-mail, live chat, or by visiting Printer support forum site and getting in touch with us to enjoy a hassle free printing experience. Contact a member of our apt team at any time and visit our website to learn more.

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