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Canon Printer Error Code 5800

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Cause: - The waste ink counter reset is the primary cause of Canon Printer Error Code 5800.

Solution: - What occurs when people encounter the error 5800 on their Canon printers? The error occurs when the waste ink pad needs to be reset on the printer.

With just one call, you can always get Canon Printer Support for Code 5800 from us.
Additionally, if you are an enthusiastic user of Canon brand printers, you can follow the detailed instructions provided below:

Replace Waste Ink-Absorber -

The used ink absorber must be changed. As a result, doing so will be a good idea. The following are some additional, more modest steps you can take to fix these errors:

Press the “Power Button” -

You must simultaneously press the power button and hold the stop/reset button while your printer is turned off and connected to the main power supply board.

Press “Stop/Reset Button” -

Additionally, you need to press the stop/reset button twice while your Canon printer is on. Once more, you must simultaneously hold down and press the power button.

Move into Service Mode -

Your printer will enter the service mode as you complete the aforementioned steps.

Press “Stop/Reset” Button -

You must twice press the stop/reset button when the power light is green.
The LED light will turn on in orange and green each time you press the Stop/Reset button.

Note: Your waste ink absorber must be reset by pressing the stop/reset button four times.

  • The LED function notes the following whenever you click the reset button:
  • The LED is Green when you press the stop/reset button zero times.
  • The LED is Orange service pattern print when you first click the stop/reset button.
  • The LED turns green with an EEPROM print when you click the stop/reset button twice.
  • The LED becomes orange with an EEPROM print when you press the stop/reset button three times.
  • The LED turns green and resets the waste ink meter when you push the stop/reset button four times.

You can now restart your printer.

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How can you remove Error code 5800 from your Canon Printer?

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