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Canon Printer Error Code 6000

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Cause: - The following are the causes of the Canon Printer Error Code 6000:

  • Paper lodged there.
  • The tray has something covering it.
  • Paper that won't feed.

Solution: - What occurs if users encounter an error 6000 on their Canon printers? Well, this error might occur because there is paper trapped inside, the tray is being covered by something like a huge document, or the paper feed is being impeded.

With only one call, you can always obtain Canon Printer Support for Code 6000 from us.
Additionally, if you are an enthusiastic user of Canon printers, you can follow the step-by-step instructions provided below:

Solution 1: Reset the printer -

  • Turn it off by pressing and holding the power button.
  • Now, unplug your printer's power wires one by one.
  • The power on/off button needs to be pressed and held down.
  • You can now re-plug your printer's power supplies.
  • Try printing a challenging document after turning on your printer.

Solution 2: Exclude Paper Jam –

  • To get at the paper that has become stuck between your rollers, you must open the door.
  • Now, carefully remove the papers; if you are unable to do so, cut them out with the clipper.

Solution 3: Clean Rollers and Remove Blockage -

  • Your printer should now be running in service mode.
  • Now, unlock the printer's door and, if necessary, remove any impediments.
  • Now take out the rollers and clean them with a 10% alcohol-dipped soft cotton cloth.
  • Restart your printer after replacing the rollers.

Trying printing a test document.

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How can you remove Error code 6000 from your Canon Printer?

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